RunSignup Success Stories

3W Races

“One thing that’s really great for people in our position who do the full gamut of race production is that from start to finish, everything we need to do in relation to the racer is housed in RunSignup.” - Michelle Bettis

Race Day Events

  • 270+ additional races since working with RunSignup
  • 3,029% ROI on Referral Rewards - More time to spend on marketing

Bodies Race Company

“We tell all the races that we work with not to worry about having a professional build their website, or even to put it on their organization (school or church) website. We tell them just to focus on using RunSignup.” - Brad McClary

Knoxville Track Club

  • $5-10 member discount on all KTC Races
  • 430,000+ emails sent in one year
  • 8,928 TXT notification in premier race

Runner’s High

“For me, the most helpful thing about RunSignup is the level of integration. That really helps us manage our customer base in terms of the participants, as well as our customer base in terms of the clients we support.” -Don Stoner

Adventure Enablers

  • 10.5% repeat participants across all races
  • 888 referred registrations, 129 partial refunds
  • Referral rewards: $2.11 cost per acqusition, 2,518% return on investment

Fusion Racing

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a significant increase in our participants, especially with using RunSignup.” - Nic DeCaire

Championship Racing

  • $10,000 increase in fundraising for the Rumpshaker 5K in the first year on RunSignup
  • 29% of registrations in 2017 were during race week
  • 69% of Rumpshaker participants were on teams in 2017

Corrigan Sports

“We had 18 years worth of data that we had to move over into the platform, and it’s been a seamless process.” - Chris Tomlinson

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