Bermuda Triple Challenge 2020

Fri March 13 - Sun March 15, 2020 Hamilton, BM 0000

Bermuda Based Charities.

Everyone is asked to drum up support from friends, family and co-workers on behalf of our supporting the 6 charities that marshal the event.

In return, these charitable funds will equate into points for your team, one point for every dollar raised and then added to the teams’ overall ‘Challenge Points’ total. Proceeds raised by participating teams will be donated to the  charities who help fulfill the community’s needs and also make the Bermuda Triple Challenge possible.

What do the points mean?  Your time and charity points are cumulative!  Just because you don't have the fastest time doesn't mean you won't win!

Are You Fit For Charity?

For a list of the youth focused charities click HERE


Raised of $50,000


Top Donors

$534 Raised By 17 Donors

$100 On Behalf Of Kim Young
$50 On Behalf Of Cheryl DeBow
$50 On Behalf Of Jack Caccioppo
$50 On Behalf Of Judy Lambert
$50 from Anonymous
$50 On Behalf Of Nicholas Kanellos
$50 On Behalf Of Nicole Bakos
$40 on behalf of Fo
$25 from Anonymous
$25 On Behalf Of Isobel Adams
$20 on behalf of Peter Liota
$10 from Anonymous
$5 from Anonymous
$5 from Anonymous
$2 on behalf of Blake Care
$1 On Behalf Of Margaret Churchill-Black
$1 On Behalf Of Margaret Churchill-Black

Individual Fundraisers

Jorge Estevez
Cheryl DeBow
Isobel Adams
Lisa Caccioppo
Jack Caccioppo
Nicole Bakos
Judy Lambert
Margaret Churchill-Black
James Black

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