Wyatt V Courage Dash and Hike

Sat March 23, 2019 Directions


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Wyatt V Courage Dash and Hike

Donation Goal: $10,000

Donations will be made to the Wyatt V Courage Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), as well as plan and implement a yearly fundraiser that will benefit an area of need such as, but not limited to, Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital Heart Center, children and families affected by CHD, and research efforts of CHD including those of common complications associated with the surgical interventions needed for treatment of CHD. This foundation has been created in memory of Wyatt Everette Vowell, who was born with CHD and fought courageously the whole 5 months of his life.

The Wyatt V Courage Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c) organization. Tax ID 81-4466452

The Wyatt V. Courage Foundation is a non profit 501c3 organization. We gladly will accept offline payments by check.  Please mail to Wyatt V. Courage Foundation P.O. Box 329 Philadelphia, MS. 39350. Please designate the fundraising team that you would like to allocate to (if applicable).

of $10,000


Raised By 32 Donors

$1,000on behalf of Mikee Johnson
$250on behalf of John Derrick
$200on behalf of Chris Young
$200on behalf of Jonathan and Stacy Clark
$100on behalf of Eric Prince
$100on behalf of Joshua Griffin
$100on behalf of Joshua Griffin
$100on behalf of Kaye Rowell
$100on behalf of Lisa Barrett
$100on behalf of Melissa Clark
$100from Anonymous
$100on behalf of Northside Animal Clinic
$100from Anonymous
$100on behalf of Sherie Layman
$100on behalf of Stitched Boutique - Autumn Fulton
$100on behalf of The Hughes Family
$50on behalf of Mary Ann Nicholson
$50on behalf of Stephanie Bales
$25on behalf of Andy Hardy
$25on behalf of Ann Stubbs
$25on behalf of Avery Bell
$25from Anonymous
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Carrie Haggard
$25on behalf of Current Wallace
$25on behalf of Landon Byars
$25on behalf of Landon Byars
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Leigh Breithaupt
$25on behalf of Linda Barkley
$25on behalf of Mary Margaret Massey
$10on behalf of Daniel Young

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