Janney 5K & Fun Run 2020

Sat November 14 - Sat November 21 Washington, DC 20016 US

Frequently Asked Questions

Note:  We will continue to update this document and make it available to the community as our race planning evolves.

I have never done a virtual race? What does it entail?

Runners who sign up for a virtual race register online and simply choose a starting line, whether it's a treadmill or a neighborhood street or a route provided to you. You run the race distance, and upload your finishing time.  

When is the virtual Janney 5K and Fun Run?

The window for completing your run will be November 14-21, 2020.  You can start running any time after November 14 at 6:00 am and you have until November 21 at 11:59 pm to complete your run.   All run times must be submitted by midnight on November 21, no exception! 

How do I register?

Go to www.janney5k.org. 

Why are there four race options? What are the different race events?

Runners have the option this year of running on our USATF-race certified Janney 5K course in AU Park or another 5K route of their choosing.  Runners also have the option of running our 1K Fun Run course in AU Park or another 1K route of their choosing.  We will provide maps for our AU Park courses.  We are not clearing the roads for this year's virtual race, so we advise you to take precautions in running on our AU Park courses or any other routes. We encourage you to stick to sidewalks or the side of the road and run at times when traffic is light.  You have to pick one option when you register (for example, the traditional Janney 5K route).  You are able to switch if you decide you want to run your own course, but we encourage you to pick one option and stick with it. 

What is the registration fee?  

$30 for the 5K; $15 for the Fun Run for early registration.  This is a $5 discount from previous years.  After October 23, fees will go up to $35 for the 5K and $20 for the Fun Run. After early registration, we can not guarantee t-shirt sizes or mask availability.

How do I map my own run? 

You may map your own course using a GPS or other mapping tool (or good old fashioned driving). If you don’t have the tech to map a route, have trouble remembering directions, or don’t want to do a loop, an out-and-back is a simple solution. It has some repetitiveness, but if you have a GPS watch, all you have to do is run half of the race out and then run the other half back. A way to spice it up: Try to run faster on the way back for a negative split.  You also can run on a track or treadmill.  Most importantly, plan your route in advance.

How old do you have to be to do the 5K?

All ages are accepted. Typically our Janney kids start running the 5K between 2nd-4th grade.  If it is their first time running that distance, we recommend several practice runs to get them acclimated to longer distances.

Can I walk the 5K?

Of course.  All pace groups are accepted.  

Tell me about the Fun Run.

The Fun Run distance is 1K.  You may run on our AU Park Fun Run route (map will be provided) or you can map your own 1K course.  The Fun Run is for our youngest runners, usually through 1st or 2nd grade. 

How do I time my run?

Registrants can download the RaceJoy app on their mobile phones and run on the official race route with live GPS tracking and real time cheers and banners. RaceJoy is compatible with both Apple iPhones and Google Androids.  Because RaceJoy can only map and time one registrant's run at a time, families who choose to run together can also map and time their run using other running mobile phone apps like the Nike app, Strava, or MapMyRun. Alternatively, registrants can map and time their run independent of any mobile app. You will receive additional information about the RaceJoy app once you register.

What about a bib?

Runners will be able to print a bib to wear on race day.  Of course wearing the bib is optional, but it is a way to show you are out there accomplishing your goal.  

How do I submit my time?

Race time for registrants who run with the RaceJoy app will be automatically submitted while participants who run with any other run mobile app or independent of a device can submit their time manually.

What about photos?

We will rely on participants to upload their own race photos this year.  Go to www.janney5k.org and click on the photos tab.  From there you can add photos to your album. Alternatively, once you submit your race times in the RaceJoy app, you will be prompted to submit photos. 

Will there be t-shirts this year?

Yes! We want you to wear your Janney 5K shirt when you run your race. Take pictures of you wearing it and send in your photo.  We encourage you to also wear previous years race shirts while you are training so we create a real sense of community.  Janney 5K t-shirts everywhere!

Where does the registration money go? 

The registration money is used to cover costs to run the race and the rest goes to our PTA to support our school community.  PTA funds are used to supplement the following:

  • Salaries for teachers and support staff positions (essential for our teaching and staffing model) 
  • Technology materials and support 
  • Textbooks, instructional materials, and basic supplies for classrooms 
  • Professional Development for teachers and staff 
  • Substitute teacher overlap days 
  • Custodial equipment and supplies 
  • Janney garden 

Do you still have a family sponsorship?

Yes, we do. You can choose family sponsorship by going to www.janney5k.org and clicking on Donate or you can add it to your race registration.  Each family sponsorship costs $100.  The race committee will reach out to you to get the name of the child or family you would like to appear on the back of the race t-shirt. 

Do you need help with corporate sponsors?

Yes! This year has been tough on businesses, and we recognize that.  We do not anticipate getting nearly as many corporate sponsorships as in previous years. If you know a business in our community who may be interested in supporting our race, please direct them to www.janney5k.org or reach out to us at janney5k@janneyschool.org.

How do I get my race packet? 

Race packet pickup will be on Thursday, November 12, 4-6 PM and on Friday, November 13, 4-6 PM.  Please come behind Janney ES to the gym entrance.  We ask that you approach from the diagonal stairs on the 42nd Street side and line up 6 feet behind the family or individual in front of you.  You do not need to bring anything to packet pickup. A volunteer will hand you your race bag filled with sponsor giveaways and t-shirts/masks.  

Will there be awards? 

Yes.  Although we will not be doing our traditional awards for M/F in each age group, we will have different types of awards.  The categories will include categories such as best Janney spirit, best dressed runner, best family pose, best Janney staff photo, best start line pose, best finish line pose, best post-run snack, best scenery, best yoga pose, and most sweaty runner.  In order to be considered for an award, we encourage you to upload your photos to our website at www.janney5k.org under photos.  We need photo submissions in order for this to work.  Award winners will be announced at the closing ceremony. We also will offer printable finishers’ certificates to all 2020 participants.

How do I train? 

Whether this is your first 5K or you are a seasoned runner, we will be providing training tips from now until race day. Keep your eyes peeled for the Janney 5K entries in the school newsletter and on social media. To start preparing for the race, please check out the Janney Family 5K Training Schedule, which is designed to prepare everyone from our youngest Jaguars to our more experienced runners in the training process. You will notice a combination of running and walking designed to build stamina and have all runners ready to run for about 30 minutes without stopping. All you need to get started is a pair of sneakers and a watch or timer. You can adjust the days of the week you run to fit your schedule, but be sure to include a few rest days and/or some cross-training (more information on the importance of both of those to come). Happy training!

Will there be a live 5K and Fun Run next year? 

We certainly hope so.  But to put in a personal plug, the current chairs of the 5K committee are all parents of 5th graders, and we really want to turn over all our race planning secrets to the next generation of Janney 5K organizers.  We are seeking 3-4 core volunteers who can commit to carrying on this great tradition.  If you would like to find out more, we would love to chat with you.  Please reach out to janney5k@janneyschool.org.

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