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Fort Gordon's Marine Mud Challenge

Fort Gordon, GA 30813
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Place Bib  Team Name                               Chip       
===== ==== ======================================= ========== 
1     1082 Mud Strong                0:55:03.10 
           Grant Janik                                        
           Brandon Bagwell                                    
           James Carter                                       
           Dawson Timmons                                     
2     1062 Krombopulous Killers      1:01:10.45 
           Dominic Wilson                                     
           Barak Allen                                        
           Calvin Griego                                      
           Arthur Kelly                                       
3     1100 Mudwisers                 1:02:04.40 
           Wes Sullivan                                       
           Tyler Tedford                                      
           Todd Curry                                         
           Lj Brown                                           
4     1024 Black Knights Finest      1:04:08.68 
           Spencer Rauscher                                   
           Joseph Prunier                                     
           Seidur Idrisu                                      
           Benjamin Correll                                   
5     1013 Let's get Philthy         1:05:32.57 
           Jacob Murphy                                       
           Adam Carter                                        
           David Hunter                                       
           Chris Clark                                        
6     1058 Dirty Mike and the Boys   1:05:48.97 
           Tyler Day                                          
           Johanan Dixon                                      
           Zack Draskovich                                    
           Daniel Laereman                                    
7     1078 Marvin Griffin Track Club 1:06:29.59 
           Chris Sovacool                                     
           Stephen Deck                                       
           Brian Sovacool                                     
           John Edgmon                                        
8     1010 Team A+B                  1:08:57.59 
           Fletcher Dickert                                   
           Tim Brassell                                       
           John Allen                                         
           Jeff Meyer                                         
9     1025 Three and a half men      1:09:56.14 
           Julian Box                                         
           Travis Barnes                                      
           Anthony Golembeck                                  
           Chad Fitzsimmons                                   
10    1029 Pasley's OUTLAWS          1:11:48.53 
           Antoine Hynson                                     
           Dezmond Pasley                                     
           Albert Talamantes                                  
           Lindstrom Andrew                                   
11    1019 Team Superior             1:16:25.18 
           Adam Ysalgue                                       
           Juan Alvarado                                      
           Kyle Peres                                         
           Christopher Carter                                 
12    1061 Affirmative Action        1:16:32.91 
           Michael Ruark                                      
13    1105 Dirty Divas               1:16:59.02 
           Parker Beaird                                      
           Jordan Red                                         
           Shaady Hassan                                      
           Kyle Grinnell                                      
14    1102 Heartbeats                1:24:43.82 
           James Stone                                        
           Wes Linder                                         
           Antonio Johnson                                    
           Tyler Letinski                                     
15    1092 Grimy-Ninjas              1:26:29.44 
           Jeriel Juarbe                                      
           Carlos Gallego                                     
           Bobby Gordon                                       
           Alexander Bailey                                   
16    1048 The OutLaws               1:31:43.72 
           Andre Smith                                        
           George Hernandez                                   
           Andrew Polonsky                                    
           Charles Bivens                                     
17    1014 wolf Pack                 1:41:35.60 
           Kenneth McDonald                                   
           Brian White                                        
           Ryan Heger                                         
           Justin Heger                                       

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