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Fort Gordon's Marine Mud Challenge

Fort Gordon, GA 30813
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Interactive Version
Race Placement Team Name                                  Chip Time  Gun Time   
============== ========================================== ========== ========== 
1              #runforMike                  0:54:28.94 0:54:28.94 
               Joe Felz                                                         
2              Wujek                        0:59:19.88 0:59:19.88 
               Patrick Molitor                                                  
               Patrick Muller                                                   
               Barbara Molitor                                                  
               Jon Doe                                                          
3              GTNROTC                      1:05:48.62 1:05:48.62 
               Patrick Dee                                                      
               Lauren Sigut                                                     
               Josiah Criswell                                                  
               Padre Asola                                                      
4              Double-O-Se7en               1:07:58.56 1:07:58.56 
               Cedric Paige                                                     
               Ashley Rivera                                                    
               Jethro Shen                                                      
               Madeleine Nelson                                                 
5              Sea Land and Mud             1:19:11.94 1:19:11.94 
               Sandesh Shrestha                                                 
               Andrew Smith                                                     
               Sarah Czech                                                      
6              Mud Crushers                 1:24:54.04 1:24:54.04 
               Deniss Villagran                                                 
               Douglas Carr                                                     
               Daniela Galindo                                                  
               Karim Molwani                                                    
7              Muddy diapers                1:25:24.87 1:25:24.87 
               Jessi Law                                                        
               Paul Law                                                         
               Abigail Alba                                                     
               Eddie Alba                                                       
8              A Co 297th Plus a Recruiter  1:30:25.27 1:30:25.27 
               John Leslie                                                      
9              RSSAU                        1:38:19.44 1:38:19.44 
               Cassandra Taunton                                                
               Alexiss Gaines                                                   
               Emmanuel Chance                                                  
10             The Young and the Rest of Us 1:43:59.02 1:43:59.02 
               Michelle Sullivan                                                
               Timothy Sullivan                                                 
               David Miller                                                     
               Dylan Miller                                                     
11             Fort Stewart BOSS Team 1     1:54:49.75 1:54:49.75 
               Brandon Marconi                                                  
               Joey Alcala                                                      
               Bryant Tolliver                                                  
               Deanna Ervin                                                     
12             NROTC                        1:58:07.43 1:58:07.43 
               Michael Love                                                     
               Keyon Whyte                                                      
               Gabrielle Cain                                                   
               Lizbeth Bolteada Rebollar                                        
13             Tako                         2:14:35.13 2:14:35.13 
               Cassidy Bigg                                                     
               Laura Deford                                                     
               Jonathan White                                                   
               Nicole Gambrell                                                  

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